What’s the cheapest meal kit in the country?

Meal kits experienced a surge in popularity when the country first went into lockdown two years ago, and for some households they’re still a good option to solve the “what’s for dinner?” question.

But although they’re convenient, they can be pricey.

We’ve compared the prices of four of New Zealand’s most popular meal kits to see how they stack up.

My Food Bag

My Food Bag also has three other offers: Bargain Box, Fresh Start, and Made.

It also offers vegetarian, plant-based, gluten-free, and gourmet meals.

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The gluten-free plan was the most expensive. For four people over five nights, the meals total $ 215.99 or $ 10.80 per plate.

For four people and five nights the Bargain Box comes to $ 149.99 or $ 7.50 per plate.

A rough comparison shows Bargain Box’s 20-Minute Teriyaki Chicken Egg Noodles with Sesame Seeds would cost $ 7.30 a serving for four people if you bought all your ingredients, excluding pantry staples like oil and salt, from Countdown.

Kete Kai

Their slogan is “so cheap you think Karen in accounting stuffed up, or Mark in marketing is missing a digit”, which is somewhat true with servings priced at as little as $ 4.60.

For five meals for four people, the box comes to $ 105, or $ 5.25 per serving.

If you order for six people, it comes to $ 140, or $ 4.67 a serving. Meals include things like pumpkin soup with bacon, honeyed lemon chicken and saag chicken.

The company also gives $ 1 from each meal kit donated to community, and with each meal box ordered, another is also given to someone in need. Last year it paid forward more than 2400 meal kits to its community partners.


HelloFresh offers three boxes – classic, vegetarian, and the family box – and has different recipes including family friendly, calorie-smart and gourmet.

For four meals for a family of four, a box of HelloFresh came to $ 143.84.


For four meals for a family of four, a box of HelloFresh came to $ 143.84.

For four recipes to feed four people each time, it came to $ 143.84, which averaged to be $ 8.99 a serving, but a $ 10 delivery free brought it to $ 153.84.

One of HelloFresh’s popular chicken meals, the Creole Chicken and Roast Veggie Toss, came to $ 9.02 a serving for four people if all ingredients were bought from Countdown.

Unlike Woop Box and Bargain Box, HelloFresh does not use free-range chicken, which affected the price.

Woop Box

Woop is the most expensive meal kit out of the four. It has five plans to chose from, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Its classic box, which includes four meals for four nights, came to $ 220.

Unlike the other meal kits, Woop supplied most of its vegetables and sauces as pre-cooked and ready-made, and required fewer items that you might already have in the pantry, so the cooking time was almost halved compared to My Food Bag and Hello Fresh.

A classic Woop Box, which offered four meals for four nights, came to $ 220.


A classic Woop Box, which offered four meals for four nights, came to $ 220.

It also focused more on sustainability, with a recycling program through which customers can return all clean packaging for recycling.

The Woop Box’s tandoori chicken recipe comes in at $ 8.28 per serving for four people.

The verdict

Each meal kit offered an extensive range of meals to cater for all dietary requirements.

Despite being advertised as a “bargain”, the Bargain Box was not the cheapest on the market for a family of four.

Kete Kai offered the cheapest box with five meals for four people coming in at $ 5.25 a serving.

Registered nutritionist Claire Turnbull said the nutritional balance of the meals provided varied significantly from company to company, and was dependent on what type of plan and kit you chose.

“There are some companies that are really geared towards NZ-only products and free-range offerings,” she said.

This was one of the reasons why Woop Box was more expensive than the others.

“Others have more imported products and lower-cost animal products. This is reflected in the pricing, ”she said.

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