Tornado-devastated KY kids now face hunger without summer school meals

We are facing the heartbreaking possibility of cancellation Mayfield Independent School District’s school meals program this summer, which would be devastating for thousands of students who live in Mayfield and in three other school districts that we serve over the summer.

If school meals for all at no charge ends after June 30, we simply will not have the funds to reach all the children in need of food, which if last summer was any indication of the need in our area, we’re looking at upwards of 10,000 children who will go hungry.

It’s unfair and unnecessary, particularly at a time when we’re recovering from a tornado that leveled parts of our town and families are grappling with inflation.

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A child's doll lay amid the rubble of the Big Grannie's Daycare center that a tornado lifted off its foundation and moved it across a street in downtown Mayfield, Ky.  after deadly tornados ripped through the small community.  Dec.  11, 2021

In response to the challenges of the pandemic, Congress gave USDA authority to issue child nutrition waivers, which permitted districts like Mayfield to serve meals to all students at no cost, also known as universal school meals. An additional 10 million students nationwide have been given access to meals free of charge, thanks to the USDA waivers. This helps alleviate the burden for a portion of individuals facing food insecurity.

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