Best Whipped Mozzarella Dip with Burst Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

PHOTO: ERIK BERNSTEIN; FOOD STYLING: MAKINZE GORE This whipped mozzarella dip with burst cherry tomatoes might just be the perfect appetizer. It comes together in 30 minutes and is the kind of crowd-pleasing dip that will be the first gone at the party. The dip is not just mozzarella—ricotta and heavy cream join in to … Read more

Best Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

PHOTO: RACHEL VANNI; FOOD STYLING: SPENCER RICHARDS Whether it is a road trip stop or a local favorite, there is no denying that Cracker Barrel’s Chicken and Dumplings are the best, a must order! Why are they so good? Now you can make a steaming bowl of Cracker Barrel’s Chicken and Dumplings at home. This … Read more

Best Saffron Rice Recipe – How To Make Saffron Rice

PHOTO: LUCY SCHAEFFER PHOTOGRAPHY; FOOD STYLING: BARRETT WASHBURNE Saffron rice is quite possibly the most beautiful side dish to grace any dinner table. Colored with the reddish threads from saffron flower stigmas, saffron rice has a subtle yet fragrant aroma that enhances the flavor of the dish. Often found in Indian, Persian, and Greek cuisines, … Read more

Best Salmon Chowder Recipe – How To Make Salmon Chowder

PHOTO: LUCY SCHAEFFER PHOTOGRAPHY; FOOD STYLING: MAKINZE GORE The easiest way to get the taste of a cool crisp seaside day no matter where you live is a bowl of steaming hot salmon chowder. This version is packed with tender, flaky fish, fresh sweet corn kernels, and rings of spicy jalapeño. Similar to a classic … Read more

Harissa Deviled Eggs Recipe – How To Make Harissa Deviled Eggs

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: ERIKA JOYCE The bite-sized party classic gets a smoky kick from harissa (Tunisian chili pepper paste) in this simple but flavorful deviled eggs recipe. Topped with crispy fried shallots and fresh cilantro, it may stray pretty far from the original, but it’s just as delicious. Below, some helpful hints and … Read more

Best Egg & Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: MAKINZE GORE Listen, we love a big breakfast featuring all the usual suspects — fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, a plate of breakfast sausage, and a pile of sautéed spinach for good measure. (Popeye would approve.) But it requires a lot of work, not to mention A LOT of … Read more

Best Grilled Avocado Recipe – How To Grill Avocado

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: ERIKA JOYCE It’s no secret that avocados are the best. But have you tried grilling them? Yes, seriously, avocados get even better when quickly cooked on the grill. Grilling avocados not only gives them a charred and smoky flavor, but it makes them incredibly tender and extra creamy. You can … Read more

Best Grilled Chuck Roast Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS Chuck roast is normally braised in dishes like beef stew and pot roast, but have you tried it on the grill? Grilled chuck roast is delicious and so much faster than those low-and-slow methods. Plus, it’s great for year-round eating, unlike the heavier comfort food staples made with … Read more

Best Zucchini Soup Recipe – How To Make Zucchini Soup

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS If there’s one thing we know about zucchini, it’s that it comes in droves in the summertime. Of course, we love it sautéed plain and in savory zucchini cakes. And we’ll never turn down a stuffed zucchini boat (with mac ‘n’ cheese! With chicken chowder!). But sometimes you … Read more

Best Red Cabbage Slaw Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: BROOKE CAISON This red cabbage slaw recipe is perfect for all your summer needs. Having a BBQ? Serve it alongside red potato salad and bacon jalapeño corn salad. Picnic plans? This slaw actually improves with time, softening into the lime-honey vinaigrette, so it’ll do well after a few hours on … Read more