Best Burrata Salad Recipe – How To Make Burrata Salad

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: BROOKE CAISON Think of burrata salad as caprese salad’s fancy cousin. Peak-summer tomatoes are topped with this luscious cheese (think a shell of mozzarella filled with a soft, creamy filling) and garnished with a shower of peppery basil leaves and savory chives. Instead of layering the tomatoes with the cheese … Read more

Best Grilled Oysters Recipe – How To Make Grilled Oysters

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS Sure, there are some people who know their way around an oyster knife, but let’s be real: Shucking raw oysters is a pain. (Sometimes even literally … yikes!) Instead, we prefer to throw oysters on the grill. They’re the perfect appetizer to impress at a modern backyard BBQ. … Read more

Best Grilled Avocado Recipe – How To Grill Avocado

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: ERIKA JOYCE It’s no secret that avocados are the best. But have you tried grilling them? Yes, seriously, avocados get even better when quickly cooked on the grill. Grilling avocados not only gives them a charred and smoky flavor, but it makes them incredibly tender and extra creamy. You can … Read more

Best Grilled Chuck Roast Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS Chuck roast is normally braised in dishes like beef stew and pot roast, but have you tried it on the grill? Grilled chuck roast is delicious and so much faster than those low-and-slow methods. Plus, it’s great for year-round eating, unlike the heavier comfort food staples made with … Read more

Best Zucchini Soup Recipe – How To Make Zucchini Soup

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS If there’s one thing we know about zucchini, it’s that it comes in droves in the summertime. Of course, we love it sautéed plain and in savory zucchini cakes. And we’ll never turn down a stuffed zucchini boat (with mac ‘n’ cheese! With chicken chowder!). But sometimes you … Read more

Best Red Cabbage Slaw Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: BROOKE CAISON This red cabbage slaw recipe is perfect for all your summer needs. Having a BBQ? Serve it alongside red potato salad and bacon jalapeño corn salad. Picnic plans? This slaw actually improves with time, softening into the lime-honey vinaigrette, so it’ll do well after a few hours on … Read more

Best Seaweed Salad Recipe – How To Make Seaweed Salad

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS This quick and easy seaweed salad made with wakame will remind you of your favorite sushi restaurant. The dressing is bright, sweet, and sesame-forward, while the scallion balances the salad without becoming overpowering. Wakame is one of thousands of species of seaweed in the world. It’s rich in … Read more

Best Arctic Char Recipe – How To Make Arctic Char

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS This Arctic char with pistachio gremolata is the kind of recipe that immediately becomes a house favorite. That’s because it’s easy yet elegant (AKA worthy of dinner parties), it comes together in a half an hour, and it teaches the foundations of good cooking techniques. (Like how to … Read more

Best Grilled Green Tomatoes Recipe

PHOTO: ANDREA MONZO; FOOD STYLIST: SPENCER RICHARDS Grilled green tomatoes are the perfect side for summer. This rendition combines the slightly tangy flavor of underripe tomatoes with the smoky char of the grill and a whipped goat cheese schmear to boot. Long a Southern staple in famous dishes like fried green tomatoes, green tomatoes are … Read more