I Tested Our Place’s Newest Bakeware for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dessert

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Designed to bake, roast, sear, crisp, and braise, the set consists of five pieces — a large 20.9-inch wide oven pan, a 10.8-inch by 16.4-inch reusable checkered silicone oven mat, and three different-sized stoneware baking dishes perfect for cakes, casseroles, and everything in between. Each is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and is non-stick thanks to a chip-resistant ceramic interior that is non-toxic and PFOA-free. All also feature curved handles that make it easy to transport the dishes to and from the oven. The set nests together in one compact unit and costs $195.

Our Place sent me the Ovenware Set to test out, and I spent three consecutive days making breakfast, lunch, and dessert with it. Offhand, there’s no denying this new bakeware set is stunning. I didn’t even mind leaving it on my stovetop for a solid week because it’s so beautiful.

Using the Tiny Bake (the size of the average loaf pan), I made a lemon turmeric cake, a denser loaf that fit perfectly into its 1.5-quart body. Per the recipe’s instructions, I used parchment paper to line it, which effortlessly lifted out of the pan after it was done baking. I only noticed a few brown butter marks on the surface. With my leftover batter, I buttered the inside of the Side Bake and filled it without parchment paper to see how it held up. After a quick 20-minute bake, my cake was ready to go, and I was impressed by how easily it lifted from the pan. The nonstick interior really came in handy and left me with a spongey, moist cake that didn’t stick to the pan. When it was time for cleanup, I was able to rinse away residue and baked-on batter with a little TLC — a huge plus when you’re a messy baker.

While there’s no doubt the stoneware baking dishes are indeed a great baking set, the real star of the show is the Oven Pan. Like the Always Mr, it is one piece of cookware that does the job of so many others; you can use it as a griddle, casserole dish, and sheet pan. Designed with sturdy handles, a large metal plate at the bottom, and a deeper capacity that can also hold liquids, it measures 20.9-inches wide and 11.8-inches long, with a 4.52-pound build that feels surprisingly lightweight. It’s also large enough to accommodate all of the bakers perfectly, making it an underrated space saver when storing the set.

Like the bakers, the Oven Pan is also oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but the best part about it is it’s also stovetop-safe. (However, keep in mind it isn’t induction compatible.) I tested this pan as a griddle, using it over the stove for three consecutive breakfasts. The brand recommends using low- to medium-heat with a high-smoke point oil, so I made sure to follow along, drizzling some olive oil before assembling my breakfast items. I fried eggs, toasted frozen bread, and softened some vegetables, too. In fact, I could fit my entire breakfast lineup on one pan without it feeling crowded. Since I was cooking for one, I only took up a third of the pan, which makes this item a great item for larger households or meal prepping in bulk.

The results were phenomenal. My sunny-side up eggs slid right off the pan perfectly crisp (including the entire gloopy white part around the yolk) without me needing to flip it. I watched my toast crisp, the eggs bubble and crackle, and loved how everything slid around so beautifully. Similarly, food is easily released from the surface during cleanup.

Alternatively, I also used this item in the oven, with its trusty sidekick, the reusable silicone baking sheet. Our Place recommends using these two together whenever the Oven Pan goes in the oven to protect the non-stick coating. But the silicone baking sheet is nothing to gloss over: It’s essentially a reusable piece of parchment paper, with a stylish checkered build, durable silicone structure, and easy-to-clean design that’s no match for oven messes.

I made crispy shaved Brussels sprouts and broccoli using this duo, popping them in at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzling them with a little salt and olive oil. After 20 minutes, I found that it crisped my vegetables perfectly and evenly. I also appreciated the Oven Pan’s handles made it super easy to move it from the oven to my stove, and the silicone mat took only seconds to clean. However, I will note that the smell of Brussels sprouts did linger a little longer on the silicone mat even after scrubbing.

The verdict? The Ovenware set continues Our Place’s legacy of workhorse kitchenware, particularly the Oven Pan’s baking, roasting, and griddling capabilities. And although $195 is a splurge, consider the fact that the set comes with five pieces. That means each pan breaks down to just under $40. If you’re looking to add quality pieces of bakeware to your collection, I believe that Our Place’s Ovenware set is worth the money.


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