Honey, I’m home! Paula McIntyre’s sweetly inspired recipes

Honey is a unique ingredient. Technically it never goes off – edible jars of this golden elixir have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It captures the essence of a place and the landscape it comes from. When you buy a locally produced honey, it will not be cheap but it will be full of the flavor of the flora the bees fed off. The philosopher Pliny wrote, “Honey comes out of the air… At early dawn the leaves of trees are found bedewed with honey… Whether this is the perspiration of the sky or a sort of saliva of the stars, or the moisture of the air purging itself, nevertheless it brings with it the great pleasure of its heavenly nature. It is always of the best quality when it is stored in the best flowers ”

oney never goes out of fashion and adapts with the trends. You can buy honey infused with a slice of black truffle that can be drizzled over cheese or grilled meats to add a sweet, musky indulgence. At this time of year the hedgerows are lined with lacy, creamy elderflowers and you can submerge one of their heads in honey. Just wash and pat a head dry, place in a clean jar and cover with slightly warmed honey. You’ll have a taste of summer throughout the year to anoint fruits, cheese or in your baking.

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