Here’s How You Can Add Superfoods To Your Breakfast To Kickstart Your Day

Here's How You Can Add Superfoods To Your Breakfast To Kickstart Your Day

Oats pancakes are much healthier than regular pancakes and keep you fuller for longer

Superfoods refer to foods that have exceptional nutritional value and have little to no adverse effects on our health. Adding superfoods to your diet helps better your health and also promotes longevity.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. What we eat for breakfast can help direct the rest of our day. A healthy and filling breakfast provides us with the energy we require to go through our day. In this article, we discuss some quick and easy ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet.

6 fun ways to add superfoods to your diet:

1. Eggs muffins (eggs)

Eggs are one of the most popular superfoods. They are known for their nutritive value as they are rich in protein, zinc, magnesium, and various other nutrients. Eating omeletts and boiled eggs daily can be boring and time-consuming. Add this superfood to your breakfast by baking egg muffins. These can be sealed and stored for the week ahead as well.

2. Yogurt cups (yogurt, berries, nuts & seeds)

Yogurt is a great probiotic superfood. It is rich in protein, calcium, antioxidants, probiotics, and various other nutrients that are great for our body and provide ample energy to go through the day. You can also add various other superfoods to your yogurt to increase its taste and nutritional value. You can add berries, seeds, nuts, honey, and so on.

3. Banana / oats pancakes (banana, oats & eggs)

Bananas as well as oats are considered superfoods for their benefits to our body, especially our digestive system. You can prepare these pancakes by incorporating mashed bananas with eggs or soaked oats with eggs. They can be served with other superfoods such as fruits and honey. Bananas, as well as oats, help you stay fuller for longer.

4. Coconut coffee (coconut oil & coffee)

Coffee and coconut are both considered superfoods because of their numerous benefits to the body. A cup of coffee provides a spike of energy. However, as this is an instant spike it is often short-lived and may significantly reduce your energy levels after a few hours. Try adding 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil to your black coffee. Coconut oil is not only a beneficial superfood but it also helps stabilize the energy coffee gives us by providing a stagnant energy boost that lasts longer.

5. Trail mix as seasoning (nuts & seeds)

Trail mix refers to a mix of dried fruits. A trail mix can be prepared by incorporating seeds and nuts of your choice. Prepare a superfood trail mix by incorporating almonds, cashews, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and so on. This trail mix is ​​an amazing seasoning for various breakfast dishes such as yogurt, pudding, fruit bowls, pancakes, and so on.

6. Chia pudding (chia seeds, nuts, seeds & milk)

Chia seeds have been a newer addition to the superfoods group and are being recognized for their benefits on our health. Chia seeds are a great breakfast superfood as they promote energy boost and better gut health. You can prepare this pudding by soaking chia seeds in milk overnight. Feel free to add more superfood-topping to this pudding. You can add nuts, seeds, berries, honey, and so on.

In conclusion, what we eat can significantly influence our mood for the day, especially our breakfast. Adding these nutritious and delicious superfoods to your diet will ensure you start your day on a good note.

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