Friends: 10 Most Delicious Meals Cooked By Monica

Friends is one of the most culturally relevant sitcoms ever created. It’s accompanied fans through many years, giving them comfort and laughs when they need it the most. These characters grew up alongside their audience, and most people know by heart most of the episodes.

Food is one of the most important aspects of this TV show, mainly because Monica happens to be a chef. Throughout the seasons, Monica cooks many meals, be it for special occasions, for her jobs, or just to pass the time. Most of them look delicious – unlike Rachel’s meat pie recipe – but some of them stand out more than others.


Marinara Sauce

After Monica writes a terrible review for Allessandro’s restaurant, Allessandro goes to Monica’s house to complain about it. Monica, then, decides to cook him a marinara sauce that will show him what this meal it’s supposed to taste like. The sauce impresses Allessandro so much that he ends up hiring her as head chef of the restaurant.

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Marinara sauce is an Italian tomato-based sauce that is usually served with pasta, lasagna, or pizza. It’s both simple and complex to make, and it definitely isn’t supposed to taste like “tomato juice.” Monica’s version must be excellent if it ended up getting her such a good job.

Kiwi-Lime Pie

Monica is always preparing savory treats for her friends and, on this occasion, she bakes a kiwi-lime pie that looks very inviting. Unfortunately, Ross thought it was a key lime pie. When he starts to have an allergic reaction, he realizes one of the ingredients is kiwi – to which he’s allergic.

Even though Ross almost dies in the process of eating this dessert, most people would think it was totally worth it. A kiwi-lime pie made by Monica sounds glorious, and it’s certainly one meal the fans would love to try.

Batch 17 Cookies

Monica, Phoebe, and Ross tasting cookies

After Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookie recipe gets lost, Phoebe gives Monica the last cookie she baked from that recipe. Monica then decides to use that cookie to figure out the recipe, but it turns out harder than she thought it would be – probably because the cookies’ secret ingredient was a Nestle cookie mix.

Even though Phoebe’s recipe turned out to be a lie from her grandmother, Monica’s attempts to replicate the recipe look really appealing. Batch 17 was supposedly really good, but unfortunately, they don’t mention the ingredients. Ross and Phoebe certainly seem to have enjoyed it – unlike batch 16, which was problematic.


Monica standing with Joey in her kitchen surrounded by ingredients and jars of jam from Friends

When Monica breaks up with Richard, she starts making an industrial quantity of jam to cope with the break-up. Throughout the episode, there are at least 50 jars of different flavor jams sitting on the table. Joey is especially happy about it, he even eats spoonfuls of it directly from the jar.

In this episode, fans learned an important lesson from Monica, in the face of tragedy, food is always the solution. Maybe all the jam came from a bad place, but it helped Monica to feel better, and it certainly looks delicious. Most people would love to have a friend who could prepare homemade jam like that.

Rock Shrimp Ravioli In A Cilantro Ponzu Sauce With Just A Touch Of Minced Ginger


When Monica interviews for an important job position, she prepares this gourmet recipe to impress the interviewer. However, he gobbles the meal before Monica can even finish explaining the dish. Soon enough, the interview becomes a joke, since the character played by Jon Lovitz is clearly stoned.

Even though the interviewer turns out to be terrible, the dishes Monica prepares certainly deserve appreciation. She follows the ravioli with onion tartlets, which sound equally amazing. Unfortunately, the audience didn’t get to see what other dishes Monica had prepared for the occasion.


Judy looks at Monica's nails in Friends

When Monica’s mom asks her to cater an event, Monica tries her best to impress her. One of the dishes she prepares is quiche, a tart served with eggs, and occasionally vegetables, meat, or cheese. Even though the dish is unfortunately ruined, there’s no doubt it would have tasted amazing.

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Monica always tries her best in any endeavor, and her food always receives the best compliments. Quiche, as it is, is a mouthwatering appetizer, and fans would surely love to taste Monica’s take on it.

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

With the leftovers from Thanksgiving turkey, Monica usually makes some special sandwiches. Ross is especially fond of this snack, and on one occasion, he gets very upset because his boss table it. In a very funny moment, Ross argues that the sandwich is the only good thing going on in his life.

The reason this sandwich sounds so good is because of what Ross calls “the moist maker.” Apparently, Monica’s secret is that she puts an extra layer of bread in the middle of the sandwich. In addition to that, this extra slice of bread is soaked in gravy, which gives it the delicious texture that Ross loves.

Mac & Cheese With Cut-Up Hot Dogs

Chandler tells Monica he quit in Friends

When Monica prepares a romantic dinner for Chandler with all his favorite meals, she includes this delicious mac and cheese. At this moment Monica and Chandler come full circle. When they were younger, she once prepared mac and cheese for him, and it was so good that Chandler told her she should be a chef, which determined Monica’s career path.

Mac and cheese is one of the most traditional meals in America, and it’s known for being quick and easy. Yet, a nicely prepared mac and cheese can be the most comforting meal in the world. Since Monica is a chef, there’s no doubt her mac and cheese must be amazing.

Homemade Christmas Candy

Monica making candy in Friends

One Christmas, Monica prepares homemade candy for the people in her building as a Christmas gesture and to try to know them better. This candy is so good that people start demanding more, even protesting outside her apartment door. One of her neighbors even says they taste like “little drops of heaven.”

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It’s safe to say that most Friends fans would love to try this candy. There’s not a lot of information about it in the episode, except that it is covered in chocolate. Whatever it is, it makes people addicted to it – especially Joey – and it seems like it would be an incomparable experience.

Thanksgiving Turkey

The Thanksgiving episodes are some of the most iconic ones from Friends. They usually get together to eat delicious food – if no one leaves them outside the apartment, of course. Usually, since Monica is a chef, she’s the one who cooks most of the dishes. One year she even made three different types of potatoes, and in another one, she made one turkey just for Joey.

Monica’s turkey is so good that Joey actually managed to eat the whole thing by himself. On other occasions, they spend several days eating the leftovers, and Ross is especially fond of Monica’s leftover turkey sandwich. There’s no doubt that most fans would like to experience a Friends Thanksgiving dish cooked by Monica.

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