Colorado voters to decide on students’ free lunches

Graciela Ramos prepares school lunch at Pueblo County High School.

Tanna Schut and her family have never qualified for Colorado’s free and reduced school lunch program.

Schut’s two kids attend weekly therapy sessions for health reasons. One of her children attends school in Pueblo County. Her second will start school next fall.

“We already pay about $ 25 for a therapy session and then have to pay $ 2.50 a meal for one child,” Schut said. “Next year, I will have two children attending school so that will be $ 5. It starts to add up and it kind of does take a toll on the family when you are always having to pay for these school lunches. ”

Knowing how difficult it can be to ensure children don’t go hungry during the school day, Schut has become an advocate for the Healthy School Meals for All bill, also known as House Bill 1414which would provide free meals for all public school students in Colorado.

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