The Best Tzimmes Recipe – How to Make Tzimmes

PHOTO: ERIK BERNSTEIN; FOOD STYLING: ERIKA JOYCE If you haven’t tried tzimmes – Ashkenazi Jewish stew typically made from carrots and dried fruit – it’s time for you to meet. Tzimmes is traditionally served Rosh Hashanah and Passover, although of course it is an excellent vegetable side dish that everyone can enjoy. It combines perfectly … Read more

Salmon recipe in whiskey The Independent

There are a number of shops on a tree-lined street in Dublin, with O’Briens wine in the center, a butcher and grocer on either side and a mini market on the other end. Together they have most of everything you need to prepare meals. I know this because I dragged my daughter into every store … Read more

Weight loss: 7 stewed Indian recipes that you can eat without guilt

Many of us mistakenly consider the weight loss diet to be bland, tasteless, and mostly overcooked. These concerns stem from myths that suggest a complete dependence on raw vegetables if you want to lose weight. Or that you have to give up anything delicious, especially your favorite foods such as noodles and pizza. Although it … Read more

10 recipes for vegan biscuits!

Sometimes you just need a treat to get through hard times. So what’s better than a sponge cake ?! These moist and fluffy creations are made without eggs and are light enough to be delivered in multiple portions! Just make sure you don’t eat it all in one sitting! Here are 10 beautiful sponge cakes … Read more

In conversation with the culture of diet

Diet culture is out. Intuitive eating is in. We do not want to preach the most fashionable diets during the National Nutrition Month. Instead, we unpack how eating culture distorted our relationship with food and how we framed our thinking. Verywell’s writers shared how their food choices and dietary patterns changed in a series consisting … Read more

Cadbury’s New Vegan Chocolate Store Tells Haters to “Eat Their Words”

The British multinational confectionery company Cadbury has opened a fully vegan chocolate factory in the United Kingdom. A time-limited pop-up store called “Mean Tweetshop” is located in London’s Soho district and aims to turn hatred of veganism into love. The store is fully stocked with the company’s first vegan chocolate bar, Cadbury Plant Bar, and … Read more