After Enjoying Incredible Growth, Greens and Grains Looks to Give back to Atlantic County Community

Greens and Grains

Greens and Grains was founded back in January of 2014. The business, now a thriving chain of plant-based restaurants serving Atlantic County, NJ, Monmouth County, NJ, Center City Philadelphia, and soon Voorhees, NJ, started as a side hustle for founder Nicole Jacoby . Today, demand in Northfield has led to a new location that is triple the size of the original Greens and Grains. Customers can come to 331 Tilton Road to enjoy a larger menu that will include Vegan ice cream. The location is set to launch just prior to the Fourth of July.

Before 2014, Nicole worked as a social worker and part-timer at her in-law’s Greek restaurant. While at the restaurant, Jacoby spent time making juices and selling juice cleanses. Demand was growing, and the idea for Greens and Grains was born. The first Ventnor location opened in 2015, where Nicole’s husband, Lambros Psounos joined the company full time.

Shortly after, Greens and Grains opened its second location in Northfield. A great testament to entrepreneurship, Nicole and Lambros took the calculated risk to turn all restaurant success into expansion, and the growth continued. With seven restaurants open and an eighth on the way, Jacoby credits that people of all dietary backgrounds are discovering just how delicious plant-based food can be.

Greens and Grains T-shirtThe original slogan for the restaurant was fresh juice and healthy fair. As the restaurant evolved, so did the slogan. Now, Greens and Grains Plant-Based Food for Everyone reflects the clientele that visits Greens and Grains daily. People of different backgrounds find plant-based versions of classics like paninis, wraps, and salad. The most popular item may be the Vegan Gyro, inspired by Lambros’s Greek roots. The Mediterranean flair is seen in many different menu items, and you won’t find a Greek recipe with a Vegan twist like you can find at Greens and Grains anywhere else.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Greens and Grains growth for Nicole and Lambros has been introducing plant-based foods to those who hadn’t previously tried them. There are still negative stigmas surrounding plant-based foods like they’re too expensive or lack flavor. Greens and Grains have put those stigmas to rest. Now, to reach even more people, Greens and Grains has started the Atlantic City Food Project.

Nicole Jacoby created the Atlantic City Food Project to introduce people and their families to plant-based foods. The Atlantic City Food Project slogan is “Plant-based food for homegrown families.” Soon, every week, Greens and Grains will offer a box pickup with vegan meals that can feed a family of four. These boxes will include recipes and shopping lists to help with the education behind plant-based food for young families. In addition, twice a month, the Atlantic City Food Project will feature different family focused events as well as cooking demonstrations, so people can learn how to prepare delicious, affordable meals for their entire family. The project’s next step will be to help teens and adults needing real-world work experience. The new Northfield location will be the training grounds teach those interested in the restaurant industry how to do basic tasks like breaking down a case of Romaine lettuce or prepping vegetables. These skills can lead to long-term jobs in the food industry.

Those interested in learning how they can support the Atlantic City Food Project can visit or visit @atlanticcityfoodproject on Instagram. Greens and Grains is currently in the fundraising stage, and more details will become available closer to the project’s launch in early 2023.

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