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The bubble of academia is about to burst. Meanwhile, academics are able to assure that they have the best idea on what they can do to manage our society and our civilization. Don’t you find that odd? They haven’t even put their home in order, however they want the entire country to function like a massive college campus. It’s really fascinating. The same scientists would like to teach us how to vote, how to distribute wealth, and also how to think about the future. I believe their time to reckon is right ahead of them and I’m sure that what happens will not be pleasant. It’s not my intention to be the person to claim that I warned you. There are other people with a larger social media following that are aware of the situation, and can be the one to give you that punch when the time comes. Okay, let’s talk about it shall we?

40 percent of loans for students are default technical (90 days behind with no agreement to catch up). This is $583 billion of defaulted loans that may never get paid. Don’t believe me when I say to your that this bubble been bursting and has turned into an extremely crisis. What is the reason this can go on? If it ceases and it does, it will destabilize academia and create a major issue for the federal government, add more than 1 trillion in our national debt, and frighten the young people who were promises of “free college for everyone” through the Democrats. . “During the 2016 presidential election.

However, when the election comes to an end, the student loan debt will reach $1.57 trillion, despite the fact that the official numbers say that it’s only $1.2 trillion that was the figure prior to the beginning of the school year 2015.

If you’re unable to comprehend how big the problem is we can discuss the auto industry today. Auto loan defaults for subprime customers have reached an all-time highest of 4.5 percent, the report found that these loans are being granted to those who don’t have evidence of their ability to pay or even marginal credit scores or even from borrowers with low socio-economic status . The last time this happened when the auto industry sank and required a lot of assistance, and now we’re seeing the same figures however you’ll notice it’s just 4.5 percent, not 40-50% as in the case of the student loan crisis.

Are you still afraid? Today is Halloween 2016, and I’m also and there won’t be any witches who fly through the air on their broomsticks hoping to get the next election won to employ hocus pocus to get rid of this issue. In fact the presidential candidates are just in the middle, and the auto loan issue is likely to worsen as is the issue of student loan debt and our stock market is reaching new highs, with record PEs as well as major stock market indexes.

ult (90 days in arrears with no further catch-up agreement). That’s $583 billion in defaulted loans that we may never see paid off. Trust me when I tell you that the bubble has burst and become an extreme crisis. Why is this allowed to continue? Well, if it stops, it will collapse academia, be a huge problem for our federal government, add over 1/2 trillion to our $20 trillion national debt, and alarm the millennials who were all but promised “free college for all” by the Democrats. . “During the 2016 presidential elections.

Still, by the time the election is over, student loan debt will be $1.57 trillion, even though official figures say it’s only $1.2 trillion, which was actually the number before the start of the 2015 school year.

If you can’t see the magnitude of the problem, let’s talk about the auto industry right now. Subprime auto loan defaults hit another all-time high of 4.5%, it found – meaning subprime loans are being issued to those with no proof of ability to pay or marginal credit ratings, possibly from low-socio-economic borrowers . Last time this happened, the auto industry collapsed and needed a lot of help, and now we’re hitting the same numbers – and you realize it’s only 4.5%, not 40-50% like the student loan problem.

Are you still afraid? Well, today is Halloween 2016 and I, and no, there won’t be any good witches flying in on their broomsticks to win the next election to use hocus pocus to eliminate this problem – indeed, both presidential candidates are rather everything, the auto loan problem is going to get worse, and so is the student loan debt problem – not to mention that our stock market is hitting all-time highs with record PEs and major stock market indexes.